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We are excited to introduce the new Eclipse technique for colouring this season. Move over Ombré and Balayage your days are done, Eclipse is the new look on runways across London and New York Fashion Weeks, a new colour idea that has been the hot new hit, it can be adapted to give the best match for skin tone, complimenting golden tans and brighter make up palettes.

Blend tones are used to work in harmony with the individual’s base colour, for example:


Cool brunette – Toffee Eclipse
Warm brunette – Cognac
Eclipse Blonde – Vanilla/Ice
White Copper – Apricot Blonde


The look uses a bold blaze of colour around the face in a lighter shade which is created by colouring thin slices of hair in foil packets and tightly packing them together, resulting in one thick colour flash. The foils are positioned to compliment up or down styles and hair worn in a natural parting.

The Eclipse Colour Technique oozes versatility and subsequently can be worn by any generation. For a soft yet stylish look, the CLASSIC ECLIPSE is the incarnation of style. The Eclipse section is coloured using blend tones that work in harmony with the existing hair colour, leaving a soft hue and a brightening flash of light around the face to enhance and compliment features.

Generation ‘Y’ can wear the ACID ECLIPSE, a bold look achieved by bleaching the Eclipse section to a clean even blonde, and then toning with a ‘crazy colour’ in the desired shade – whether this is pink, blue or violet, for a playful younger finish. For the mature hair, the CHARCOAL ECLIPSE technique serves in making grey hair chic and stylish. Eclipse section is coloured with Charcoal tones to prevent a brassy unflattering Eclipse is a chic yet bold technique for all ages. It gives hair a fun, summer vibe, with a multi-tonal effect to compliment natural tones and enhance facial features. A-list celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Heather Graham and Sarah Jessica Parker are already rocking the look with success’.


Prices on quotation. Average is £125. Call 01202 707113 to arrange your consultation



Painting colour on wet hair is extremely friendly to your hair, causing less dryness like a classic highlight can cause. This technique provides the most natural effect of lightened threads reminiscent of the effects of the sun, or painted to the ends of Camden Chic.


Developed to give the glossiest, richest-tones, colour possible. Inspired by the ‘No Make-Up’ Look, this is a gloss over your natural hair or a very slightly darker tone. Your hair will look elegant and natural, whilst offering slickness and shine to the blow dry.


This year has seen so many new colour trends evolving on the catwalks and mainstream style. Reese Witherspoon’s light blonde locks and Jennifer Anniston’s high-shine honey tresses are some of the best shades we all love. Both have kept their roots a dark shade of blonde, with the colour lightening towards the ends of their hair. This low maintenance colouring method is a food way to try out the glossy catwalk colour hair trend without having to repeatedly top up your roots. Balayage is a specialized technique loved by the A-list, combined with our unique tonal drifting technique, we create simply the most natural, low maintenance and gorgeous blonde tones. Exceptional skill is required for this service so please mention Balayage requirement when booking.

£POA for the above. All consultations are complimentary.


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