HNB | About Steph
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About Steph

Known for her trendsetting creative vision and amazing skill,  Steph is one of the most influential and sought-after hairstylists in Europe.


 A female hairstylist whose talent and business acumen enabled her to reach global status, Steph  is a personal favourite of directors and celebrities alike and is equally in demand in the world of fashion and television, In addition to her work with top celebrities and photographers, Steph travels across UK and Europe as lead educator for the Jennifer Aniston range of products Living Proof.


 in 2008 created her own hair extension and electrical range Salon Confidential. available on our high street in major retailers.


Steph realised her goal of offering every woman across the country the tools to recreate the aesthetic of her celebrity clients styles with the launch of salon confidential  The ultimate in luxury hair without the price tag to match, all products undergo testing by Steph  herself at her eponymous Sandbanks  salon to ensure high-quality, high performance products at a price everyone can afford.


Steph maintains an active role at HNB.