HNB | Summer Sun Protection Tips
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Summer Sun Protection Tips

Summer Sun Protection Tips

Protect your hair in the sun

It’s not only your skin that can suffer damage from the sun, your hair can too!

Mixing UV rays with chlorine is a Stylists nightmare, the chlorine strips your hair and your colour, so don’t be surprised if your beautiful blonde tresses begin to go green while you’re on holiday! Don’t panic, there are preventative measures you can take:

1. Cover your hair with a hat or light scalf while sunbathing. Your scalp is a sensitive part of your body just like your skin so there is a chance your scalp can burn too. Burning your scalp can damage your hair root which will effect your hair growth and health so it’s essential to protect your head.
2. While you are in the sun, if you can’t wear a hat, tie your hair up in a bun on the tip of your head. The layers of hair will help protect your scalp from the rays. Don’t solely rely on this though as there are sections which won’t be protected.
3. UV Protecting Shampoos and Conditioners are available to purchase. They tend to be quite low protection and will wash out in water so use in conjunction with the tips above. Condition your hair every evening to fill your hair with nutrients. Dry hair is more susceptible to damage.
4. Chlorine dramatically damages hair cuticles and will effect your colour: Rinse your hair immediately after swimming, try to get our as much of the chlorine as possible. You won’t want to wash your hair after every swim, but every night give your hair a good wash to ensure no chlorine is left in from the day.
5. If you are blonde, we strongly advise not getting your hair wet in chlorine. The UV rays combined with the chlorine will impact on your colour, so if you can, keep your hair dry or cool down in a fresh shower rather than the pool.
6. Drink lots of water to rehydrate your skin and scalp and add in some extra fruit, you’ll be surprised the difference extra water and vitamins can do to help your hair.
7. Enjoy your holiday, if your hair is affected don’t worry, we will still be able to rectify it for you when your return home.