HNB | Men ‘Groom’, Women ‘Pamper’
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Men ‘Groom’, Women ‘Pamper’

Men ‘Groom’, Women ‘Pamper’

Men’s grooming is fast becoming a necessity and the norm. Haircuts are still staying sharp for Autumn/Winter 2015, whilst this season includes a much more bespoke and tailored look to suit your individual face shape. Texture within the haircut is essential to be on-trend this season.


Beards are staying this season, so with MOVEMBER coming up, you’ll no longer look like you’re just doing something for charity, you’ll be totally on-trend! However Beards are also more tailored so you must have a clean sharp edge and be trimmed. Back and sides are staying very short with a seamless transition up to longer at the top. It’s not a ‘short back and sides look’, it’s the grading that’s key, up to long, styled, texture at the top.


I’m finding that more and more of my clients are loving the fact they too can be pampered, and its ok! They realize that a Men’s Grooming Session is in fact not a ‘girly pamper day’, it’s using unique products researched and developed specifically for men, to help with the issues you tend to suffer from.


Our cut-throat shave’s leave a silky smooth finish, reducing the nightmare shaving rash or lumps and bumps, combined with facial blood stimulation to plump up the skin, using products best recommended for you following your personalized skin analysis. It’s all part of the treatment and of course done in a manly way!

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There are of course some cross-over’s with women for similar problems such as skin dryness, big pores, acne, flaky scalp, dry brittle hair however the male skin tends to endure much more from the elements, therefore the products we use reflect this, whilst remaining gentle for the male skin. For deeper issues we highly recommend our Medi-Clinic Treatments, prescription based treatments, products and after-care in a highly confidential medical grade room with Doctors and Nurses. There is no need to suffer in silence!


For hair we thoroughly recommend Living Proof. The scientific development of Living Proof has made the range literally revolutionary. No marketing jargon here, the facts are, the molecules in the products, created by an award winning scientist, have warranted Living Proof as an actual solution to hair issues! Rather than masking the problems, Living Proof fixes them.


We’re here to help and advise you. I want you to leave looking sharp, smooth and feeling on top form and most importantly… Enjoy looking good!Lou