HNB | Brown Smokey Eyes… will it suit me?
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Brown Smokey Eyes… will it suit me?

Brown Smokey Eyes… will it suit me?

Everyone’s talking about Brown Smokey Eyes! It’s the makeup trend of this season and it’s fab! So soft, it opens up your eyes and makes them literally sparkle! But ‘Will it Suit me’?… Yes, it suits everyone! The key to the perfect eyeshadow colour is simply dependant on your individual eye colour…


Brown/Dark eyes match with a warm-tone eyeshadow such as a caramel brown, with a shimmer of gold in the inner corners of your eye. Be brave, go slightly darker at the outer corners shading from dark to lighter brown up to the brow. Don’t forget your under eyelid, no eyeliner needed, but follow the line of your lower lid with a brush and warm brown. Eyeliner will give a a much harsher look, and as soft is the hit right now, shade the eyeshadow gently from halfway across your lower lid to darker at the outer edges, with gold shimmer in the inner eye, as the upper lid.

brown smokey eyes

Blue/Green eyes need a colder tone on the main eyelid, shading up to a lighter brown under the brow. Coupled with a warmer tone just under the eyelid and a very light silvery beige shimmer will leave you with the ultimate smokey eye for your eye colour. Keep it light in the inner corners and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend up to the brow. Make-up is literally an art, think of your face as a blank canvas where shading is key!

blue eyes

The twist of Autumn/Winter 2015 is a stunning dark plum lipstick to finish off this very sultry, sexy look. Plum lips will go with any eye colour, however you need to remember the tones in your plum lipstick must match the tones in your eyeshadow and blusher. Therefore a gentle beige blusher, rather than pink, will lift and enhance your cheeks to leave you fresh faced and totally on-trend!

make up image

Have fun, play with your makeup until you feel confident enough to try new styles. As soon as you work out the different colour combinations you will be able to achieve any look you see on the catwalk!